The Leaflet Tour Continues!

On the morning of Wednesday January 27th, Pete and Alan and I (Julia) headed off to Witney – before sunrise – so that we were at the offices of West Oxfordshire District Council in time to greet staff arriving for work with our lovely LGPS leaflets. We were very happy with how it went. No one asked us to leave (as we were at the Vale of the White Horse offices) and we had very few bad or disinterested responses from individual members of staff. We felt very welcome, in fact. Several people thanked us for doing this, which was just lovely. In fact the very first man we spoke to not only took a leaflet himself but also another half a dozen for his colleagues.

What we do know, however, is that West Oxfordshire is not quite the bustling, go-getting environment of, say, County Hall in down town Oxford. It was pretty quiet between 8 and 8.30am.  In fact, one of us wondered if there had been swingeing cuts and they had all been sacked. But arrivals picked up after 8.30 and we got just over 50 leaflets into the building before we left. Unfortunately, we really had to leave at 9 to get back to Oxford for work and a date with a dredger. From chatting to a member of the premises staff we discovered that most people come to work between 9 and 9.30am. So if anyone with a flexible work-life schedule fancies another slightly later trip to Witney sometime, it might be worthwhile?