Dear Friends,
Local government pension funds are currently being reorganised. This transition presents us with a unique opportunity. It’s time to demand that the funds are no longer invested in fossil fuel companies that are driving climate change. Instead, they should be invested more ethically, sustainably, and profitably.
We need to grasp this opportunity, and we need your help!
On Friday March 10th, the Oxfordshire Pension Fund Committee will be discussing “Ethical and Socially Responsible Investment”. We want to make a huge noise around this! The meeting starts at 10.15am and will be held at County Hall in Oxford.
We’d like a deluge of local individuals and organisations to join us in calling for the long-overdue divestment from fossil fuels, following the lead of many other institutions. The most effective way to do this is for us all to request to address their meeting. This will make it impossible for them to ignore the urgent need for action and the strength of feeling locally.
We at Fossil Free Oxfordshire will prepare a detailed briefing about how to apply to speak and what could be said. We will offer any support you need, should your request to speak be granted. We have spoken to the committee before and know the ropes!
There is a good chance that not everyone who applies to address the committee will be granted a slot to speak, but the more widely they feel it is a concern, the better. Those who don’t speak are very welcome to attend the meeting to show your support.
Please let us know by 10th February if you would like to help us make the most of this opportunity. It won’t come round again! You can contact us at fossilfreeoxon@gmail.com.

Thanks for your support!
All best wishes from everyone at Fossil Free Oxfordshire